“Orchids” are known as one of the most interested export products of Thailand. In 1989, Mr.Jade and Mrs.Sritip Meyanyieam established Thaiorchids company (“TOC”), exporting orchids from Thailand globally, started from USA andhad expanded to many markets in Australia, China, Italy, Vietnam etc. Since then, TOC is being trusted by customers for more than 30 countries around the world. According to the vision of CEO of Thaiorchids, we realised that orchids are needed by customers all over the world, so our research and develop department starting to develop new varieties of orchids to suit global demand. All plants are grown on 320,000 square metre farm in Ratchaburi Province, central of Thailand.
            Thaiorchids also have our own tissue culture laboratory, “TOC LAB” to supply young plant to TOC Farm, and developing new technology for orchids production.
            Thaiorchids keeps the governance policy exporting high quality orchids, and was award the international standard ISO 9001:2008 in 2001 and Best Corporate Governance Award from Puay Ungphakorn Institute. Now every company is under "TOC GROUP"



Thaiorchids extents the orchids farm up to 320,000 square metre in order to fits various plant varieties, farm divided into 11 zones. Our main plant are Dendrobium and Mokara. Since we are the leader of the Thailand orchids exporter.


We're contractor in Thailand who have more than 20 year experience and set policy "Work as professional and give our customer a best quality"


We start to established our own tissue culture laboratory under TOC Group.TOC Lab take the part of develop new hybrid orchids varietiesto increase our flower productivity to serve the world market.We also accept the OEM term for all orchid growers around the world.


TOC Green Energy Co.,Ltd. Manufacture and distribute Hi-end quality LED Lighting devices, design and install solar rooftop in order to make Thailand become one of the biggest renewable energy provider in Asia region. TOC Green Energy was established by co-investment of Thai investors and the Chinese company, lead high technology in LED Lighting industry from Shenzhen industrial valley China.


In 2013, we established export decorative pot plant company “Siam Plant Export” ,starting to export any Ornamental Plant like Lactea, Sansevieria, Hoya etc.


Auengthai was established to promote developed orchid extract products. We have continusally done the research and development in orchid extraction to supply the cosmetic market with best cosmetic products ant for customers to experience orchids the difference way


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